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Welcome! Our studio was created with a vision; a vision to facilitate the essential practice of maintaining, restoring and nurturing the body, because health truly is wealth. Our mission is not only help you go about your life comfortably, but also to assist you to thrive at your fullest potential!

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Custom Therapeutic Massage

30 min- $50, 60 minutes- $89, 90 minutes- $135

Custom massage is our most requested massage service. It covers a wide spectrum of peoples’ needs: from relaxation and stress relieve, to relieving muscle spasms, and injury recovery. At Modern Massage Studio, we customize each session to target specific goals and needs. In our custom massage session, we may combine:

Relaxation massage

Swedish massage

Deep tissue massage

Sports massage, therapeutic stretching

Myofascial release

Trigger point therapy

Neuromuscular therapy

The Swedish, or Classic massage, is the most widely recognized system in United States. Swedish massage is the basic and universal system taught in massage schools, and it relates and compliments to many modern therapeutic types and techniques. The system includes five types of strokes: effleurage (gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping or percussions), friction and vibration. These strokes can largely vary in the firmness, speed, and intensity, depending on goals set for the session.

In our practice, we use these techniques not only for relaxation and stress relieve, but also for therapeutic treatments, like minor aches and spasms. It works well in  combination with other massage techniques, and we call these combinations a Custom massage.

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Orthopedic Massage

Strategically honing in on painful medical conditions of the musculoskeletal system, this methodical service aims to address ailments such as a frozen shoulder, frozen hip and so forth. Various bodywork and soft tissue manipulation techniques are used to restore and strengthen range of motion, normalize the soft tissues of the body, and keep you healthful and fit overall. It is recommended to first see a physician for an initial evaluation and treatment plan.

massage to back of shoulders

Sports Massage

Whether it is pre-event, post-event, or for injuries, sports massage is a fantastic, balancing component to incorporate into any athlete’s training regimen. Depending on the sport of choice and the phase the athlete is in, the particulars of the treatment incorporates various modalities and movements to stretch, stimulate, relieve, and restore muscles. Overall benefits include enhanced athletic performance and endurance, promotion of flexibility and range of motion, and expedited, improved quality of healing injuries sustained by the individual.

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Prenatal Massage

A nurturing, beneficial complementary choice to incorporate into an expecting mother’s care regime, prenatal massage is specially designed to accommodate your individual needs through thoughtful positioning, pillows and cushioning. It melts away tension and stress of the body, reduces swelling, and enhances sleep, as well as the overall physiological and emotional well being of both the mother and child.

“I’m an avid runner, having been in several marathons and I credit Vlad for keeping me running!” Pete S. 


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